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We have decided to open Avaitria's Academy doors fully! You can now enroll in AvaitriA Akashic Academy's Annual Membership and gain access to all of our self-guided content.             

Join us as a member of the Academy and continue to receive new Empowerment Courses, Learn how to clear subconscious beliefs and receive Akashic Trainings for your Light Activating Spirit. 

Keep uncovering, keep revealing. Keep growing and progressing your Soul's journey & connection further into the full awareness of Self and embodiment of Eternal Love. 

See you inside!

Our Why and Our Vision for You!

Many, many years ago we (Kristie and Jivananda) felt it was time to transform our lives. We no longer wanted to be limited by what the world around us told would be possible, feasible or logical for us. We wanted to expand beyond it and find if we could create a reality that was unlimited, aligned to the truth of who we are. 

Each one of us went onto their unique journey, studying ancient wisdom tools, learning how to uncover and change subconscious beliefs and eventually worked with the Akasha to transform patterns we had been carrying for many lifetimes. Learning these tools changed our reality. It allowed us to become the co-creator of our life. It allowed us to let go of limitations, patterns and conditioning in order to start embracing the truth of who we really are. 

Seeing how our lives were transformed by what we were uncovering, we then started to offer these teachings to clients and students through our sessions as well as live classes and online trainings. And their lives started changing.

We truly believe that every single person has the ability to create the reality they desire by stepping into their true self. The only thing that it requires is the willingness to transform one's life and learn the tools necessary to do so. 

That is why we created the Academy Membership. Here we are sharing the tools and the techniques that we learned, uncovered and developed to transform our lives. These tools are easy to learn and to apply, and, if you commit to them, have the ability to create a powerful shift in your life. 

You deserve a life that is limitless, expansive, filled with love, joy and happiness. You deserve to live the life that is in your highest alignment. You deserve a life filled with magic and miracles. 

Ready to Transform your Life?

Then join us inside the academy to gain access to incredible empowerment tools, belief change techniques, Akashic Trainings and self-care routines.

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