Energy Clearing and Protection Tools for the Empathically Sensitive and Highly Intuitive Being

The AvaitriA Energy Clearing Course™ offers a powerful set of tools designed to strengthen and empower our energetic relationship with ourselves and the outside world. This course offers practical exercises to use on an every day basis that create powerful results.

In this course you will learn a variety of techniques to help you work more consciously with the energies within and around you. You will learn how energies in your environment influence and affect your daily life and how to clear yourself from exterior negative frequencies.

We discuss with you how food and substances affect your energy, how to empower positive decisions from your own inner alignment & how to discern between your own energies, emotions and thoughts and those of others.

We guide you through visualizations to teach you to ground in order to enhance your connection and energy field as well as apply the energy of joy to transform your emotional and mental state in an instant.

Learn how to…

  • clear attachments and old connections by calling in angelic light support 
  • prepare your field for a peaceful night of sleep 
  • develop an active relationship with the energy centers of your body 
  • communicate with, clear, balance and harmonize your chakras 
  • identify and enhance your connection to the Divine light within 
  • create an energetic protection field around your body 
  • clear and charge water, food, home and vehicle 
  • clear out emotional and physical traumas and restore it with the Divine light of love 
  • work with specific crystals to clear and protect your energy

Enhance and protect your vibrational being on all levels with fun, potent and easy to use techniques. For all skill levels.

One Time Payment

Pay in 3 Monthly Payments