Intro into AvaitriA Star Codes™

Welcome Starbeings!

In this introductory course, we will explore the AvaitriA Star Codes™. Find out about the origins of the Star Codes, how to work with them and receive your first Star Code transmission through the guided meditation video "Restoring your Atlantean DNA."

Reawaken your Cosmic Blueprint

We all come from the stars, each one of us is a Divine Starbeing. When we fell into the 3rd dimension, we lost connection to our galactic origins. As we usher in a New Golden Age, it is time to reawaken our Cosmic Connection and Divine Blueprint as Starbeings. AvaitriA Star Codes are here to help you on this journey!

The Gift of the AvaitriA Star Codes™

Activate the Divine Cosmic Blueprint to your universal self. Unlock the timeless wisdom, energy and connections you hold to the hidden within and restore the celestial nature of your infinite being.

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Intro into AvaitriA Star Codes™