A Gift of Gratitude to All of our AvaitriA Family!

Happy Solstice!!!

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    Solstice Celebration Gift
    • Welcome!
    • Clearing Negative Imprints from the DNA (AvaitriA Star Codes™)
    • Elemental G Breath (Indigo Warrior Training)
    • Divine Within - Sound Toning (Sacred Sound Universe™)
    • Divine Soul Invocation - Instructions (AvaitriA Energy Clearing Course)
    • Divine Soul Invocation (AvaitriA Energy Clearing Course)
    • Healing Forgiveness Meditation (30 Activations in Prosperity Consciousness)
    • Gayra Mudra (Indigo Warrior Training)
    • Tarot and Oracle Card Reading Overview (Indigo Warrior Training)
    • Celtic Cross Tarot Layout (Indigo Warrior Training)
    • What is a FIB? (Belief Beyond Limits™)
    • Winter Solstice (Wheel of the Year)
    • More Resources for You!

Enjoy this gift of gratitude from our hearts to yours!

Happy New Years 2020!!!